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Science Packs - BLOG

July 23 Designed new web page :- www.sciencekits.uk

June 23 Podcasts   -  https://www.youtube.com/@sciencekits/podcasts-

April /May 23 NEW pocket money packs available for children

Feb/March 23 Penny farthing solar pictures and free standing models

January 2023 - NEW FOR THIS YEAR Designed colour changing pictures and Laser cut solar pictures

December 2022 - Revised web page items made and available for 2023

November 2022 - Up to date list of current items made and for sale: https://www.primaryscienceresourcepacks.co.uk/page90.html

Spring 2022 - Current list of designed items https://www.primaryscienceresourcepacks.co.uk/page90.html

Winter 2021 - Designing new science kits

Summer 2021 Started design solar scenes: https://www.primaryscienceresourcepacks.co.uk/page175.html

Feb/March 2021 Designed and made - ‘ready made’ solar roundabouts in different designs

January 2021 - Created Science quizes on 5 topics

October - December 2020 Due to restrictions a lot of craft fairs have been cancelled for any orders please use the web page .

September 2020 - designed and made new MAGNETIC PICTURES - Attending Craft Fairs - see date sheet

August 2020 -  Making month ready for Christmas displays - Attending Craft Fairs - see date sheet

July 2020  Launched the Online Science Club - https://www.primaryscienceonlineclub.co.uk

15th June 2020

Taken eight weeks in designing our new online web page science clubs -filming, voice overs, worksheets etc

1st June 2020

Web page address changed from www.primaryscienceresourcepacks.co.uk TO SECURE PAGE


10th May 2020 The person behind the scenes: -

Gary’s musical life started at the age of 7, when he started learning the piano and continued to play keyboards as a teenager when he joined a school ‘group’ called ‘The Haze’

After leaving school he joined a semi pro band called ‘The Phantoms’ that played all types of music for many years from quicksteps to then top 10 for clubs, Rotary and Round Table events around Kent.

The music part played a big part in Gary’s shows as a children’s entertainer which started in 1977 providing circus skills and magic tricks to music that made the programme fast moving and interesting to the audiences.

He performed at various events all over the UK and he was presented to H.M. Queen Elizabeth ll and Prince Phillip in 1991 and in the same year performed in front of the Sultan of Brunie in London

Later in time at the Royal Albert Hall performed with ‘Meatloaf’ in front of Charles Prince of Wales and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and at the Imperial College London at a science event met Princess Anne

Between 1988 and 1995 Gary took his shows to Qatar (middle east) and provided shows in Doha and many other towns.

Since then Gary was spotted by a member of BAYS then part of the British Science Association and turned his energy to Educational workshops and shows. Starting with the ‘The Science of the Circus’ on the topic of Forces, and then developing other workshops and shows for topics including Light, Living Things, Materials and their properties (requested by the Royal Society of Chemistry), Sound and other sub -topics - like electricity, magnets and all these linked in some way to the Primary School Curriculum.

This then lead onto Gary designing and making science kits for children to make in class or at home. These included - solar powered models, animation kits, periscopes, kaleidoscopes, puppet kits etc.

Now retired he takes his science kits to local craft fairs and demonstrates the models he has made.