Dragster - Traditional wind up toy

Photos to help

Great traditional toy - easy to make - made from wood

Operated by pulling back the dragster which winds up the elastic bands,

then LET GO………..

                                      Dragster Pack Contents:

2 x large wooden wheels, 2 x small wooden wheels

2 x round wooden cogs to hold elastic band +

1 x small stick for the above. 1 x wood floor template 150 x 75mm

2 x elastic bands joined, 4 x axle supports

1 x long 12.5cm back axle with metal pin half way along (take care)

1 x 7.5cm wooden front axle

1 x marble to fix on top of wooden cog – driver’s crash helmet

4 x metal washers – for less friction  - Instructions

In a presentation box.

           Price includes postage PS 49 : £8.00   

          * Please note prices are quoted for UK only please email for a quote for rest of the world