This small kit uses the light instead of a battery.

This activity is a great way of showing how we can use light for our own energy sources in much the same way as plants use energy. It is also a good activity to reinforce circuits and alternative energy to older children and gives an introduction to younger children.

Solar panels are made up of lots of solar cells like those in the kit. They are also called photovoltaic cells (PV). They are made of a silicon material, which is highly conductive.

The light energy from the sun, torches or electric lamp reaches the cell and flows through the cell. It is immediately changed into an electrical energy, which we can use for everyday objects.

Houses over Britain have begun to use solar power not only in the form of solar cells but also for heating up water supplies. There is still enough light on cloudy days for solar cells to produce electrical energy.

This kit comprises of a 1 x solar cell, a low voltage motor with wires attached, a windmill blade and instructions.

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