Parts of A Plant


Required for reproducing more PLANTS.

                                                           They may have colour  

Some can smell

They can make pollen (male sex cells)

Which join to the eggs (female sex cells)


Necessary for Nutrition (feeding)

The leaves have pores on the under side and through the holes the leaf takes in oxygen. The green stuff in the leaves uses sunlight to change Carbon Dioxide gas from the air and water from the roots into food (this is called photosynthesis)

Leaves are therefore important for nutrition (feeding) and excretion (getting rid of waste –of which Oxygen is a bi product.


Necessary to hold & move the plant up to the light.

It acts as a sort of roadway, instead of allowing cars to go both ways along it. It transports water instead from the roots up to the leaves and takes the sugar (glucose) from the leaves to the rest of the plant for its energy to grow.

It also carries important minerals from the roots to the rest of the plant that help it grow better.


These anchor the plant to the ground so it doesn’t blow away & they soak in the water & minerals from the soil. The roots are therefore necessary for Nutrition (feeding)